Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a critical success factor in today's business environment. Significant research suggests that high performing organisations can be correlated with better employee engagement and happier teams. The research has been done with regard to Emotional Intelligence and is also backed up by papers discussing the benefits of diversity in organisations. The research clearly shows that where management teams are more aware of the emotions and moods of others, the end result is a more productive workplace, which ultimately has a positive impact on the bottom line, on share price, and on innovative outcomes.

Using the internationally acclaimed Genos © methodology and a certified Genos practitioner we include practical exercises and adult learning principles to support the enhancement of emotional intelligence in attendees to the workshop.

Emotional Intelligence Course Details

  • Outlining Emotional Intelligence
  • The business case for EI in today's workplace - contributing to an improved work environment
  • Becoming Self Aware - Decisions and Behaviour, Thoughts and Feelings, Values and Beliefs
  • Expressing your feelings
  • Recognising, understanding and working with emotions in others
  • Benefitting from EI in reasoning and decision making
  • Emotional management of the self and others
  • Implementing changer in the workplace

This course is complemented by the 'Leading with Emotional Intelligence' programme which is a 2-day facilitated workshop for leaders, offering 360 feedback from their teams on their leadership style and guidance for change.

Contact Anne-Marie or Gillian for more details by email at;  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or on 01484 613724