Unconscious Bias and Diversity Training

The Tectre team have worked for greater diversity in the STEM sectors for many years supporting WISE, the BCS(The Chartered Institute for IT) and Race for Opportunity (Now BITC).  We have taught Unconscious or Implicit Bias for large corporates, smaller organisations and not-for-profit groups, and believe that this gives us  extensive experience with  learners at all levels.  We believe we fully understand the implications of these biases in the workplace and we are determined to help companies and organisations become aware of the issues around unchecked implicit bias.  We have been teaching about unconscious bias since the beginning of this century and regularly speak on the subject to large and small audiences acros the STEM sectors and beyond. Recently we have experienced women and other groups who are experiencing toxic work cultures due in part to micro inequities.  We have therefore added microinequities training to our workshop portfolio.  Ask us for more details by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Circle of Diversity


Course links on the lefthand side of this screen cover sessions for managers, leaders, executive teams, HR teams and general staff.  We are happy to produce bespoke education offerings if required. We are always available to discuss course content and pricing and can be reached through the email address above.


All courses come with a certificate of completion if required.