Cultural Diversity Consulting Programme

When companies have rolled-out Unconscious Bias training and established diversity councils for key protected characteristics, they sit and wait for outstanding changes in leadership behaviours for talent management, or improvements in equable hiring or diminishing attrition rates. When this doesn’t happen, it can leave you puzzled as to what went wrong.

We understand that cultural norms in the organisation can mean that training approaches fall on stony ground. The Cultural Change offering enables companies to assess the prevalent culture within the organisation, specifically with regard to gender or other protected characteristics, and to make decisions regarding a ‘nudge’ to the culture.

Our Cultural Diversity Consulting programme offers flexible options on the framework pictured below. We take you through three stages to firstly understand the cultural norms from the perspective of the protected characteristic you are working on. We then work with senior leaders to work out where you want to be, and finally help to select interventions to support your change.



The consulting framework is initiated with analysis from a Cultural Audit Tool (CAT) which gives feedback on the culture within your organisation. We also provide support to the HR teams on understanding the current environment and surveys and workshops for a specific protected characteristic.


The second phase is a facilitated session for the Senior Leadership Team or Executive team which has responsibility for the project. Provided with the inputs from the analysis phase, the SLT can judge the cultural behaviours which would best align with the objectives set.


Finally, the organisation can choose the appropriate tools from the modular selection of activities, consultancy and training to enact cultural change and see the organisation thrive. We can optionally review the prevalent culture some way down the line to check on progress.

If you are interested in hearing more about the programme, contact Gillian Arnold on 01484 613724.