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Insights - Women in Tech

Last week the BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) published their Insights for 2019. Here is our view on their report.

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IT Skills Shortages & Women in Tech

Managers need to make sure that they are ready to embrace all types of members within their team.

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The Face of Diversity in UK IT

Recently we attended an IT Exhibition in the North. We observed some interesting thoughts we'd like to share with you.

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The Gender Pay Gap

Once again, we see the gender pay gap back in the spotlight.

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Calling All Women in Tech

It would be great to see more women on the boards at the BCS.

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The Shortsightedness Around IT Recruiting and the Shortage of IT Skills in the UK

We have been looking at research and statistics around the IT skills shortages in the UK (and, as it happens, in Europe) and we include some thoughts here on the benefits that inclusive recruiting might bring to this.

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