About Us

We are a small diverse team who believe that diversity of experience, background and skills adds up to happier and more productive teams.   For that reason, we support our clients with attracting, retaining and skilling-up diverse teams. We recognise the importance of positive action campaigns in adding diversity to the workforce. 


We understand that the Recruitment process can be time consuming for our clients, so we have made it our mission to  provide our clients with consistently  high qualityprofessionalskilled and  culturally matched candidates from diverse backgrounds.   We specialise in finding women working in the technical professions for our clients, but our own diversity means that we can also serve our clients seeking to broaden the diversity of their workforce for other protected characteristics.  We screen and vet all candidates, for  every role and for  every customer to ensure that our candidates are relevant.  We know that this will save you  time, support your specific diversity hiring requirements and match your technical skills requirements.

We make it our mission to really understand the needs of both our clients and our candidates. We believe getting to know the company and their Hiring Managers gives us the ability to;

  • provide our clients with  correctly skilled candidates
  • offer candidates companies and organisations that they can be loyal to
  • offer better retention rates by matching staff ethically and culturally
  • surprise our clients with the quality of the candidates

And - we maintain a friendly and approachable relationship with both clients and candidates.  

At Tectre  we offer our candidates support and advice throughout the recruitment process. We understand how long the recruitment process can be, so we try to give  regular updates to all candidates on their application status. 

Diversity Consultancy 

Attracting and retaining staff, particularly women in Tech, can be a tricky business.  We offer clients support to do this in the following ways:

  • Establishing monitoring and reporting on ongoing staff diversity 
  • Creating or modifying policies for attraction and retention of staff
  • Education for management and staff (including HR)
  • Working on internal and external communications with our clients

Our expertise in the field of Diversity in IT/CS/Tech Roles is unsurpassed.  No Really!   We win awards for it!  And the team is recognised in the field for what they do.  We have worked within TechUK, the BCS and with the EU teams on tactics for attracting and retaining women in the technical roles.  Let us share our expertise with you to help you design processes and procedures to ensure that you attract the very best female talent and when you have them, we will help you keep them.

Skilling up/Training 

We focus on two areas:  Cultural change to attract and retain of staff in technology based roles; and equipping technical staff with softer skills to enable them to interact with customers, peers and colleagues.

Attraction and Retention

Retention of diverse teams is based, to a large extent, on the culture of the organisation.  We offer training for your hiring and assessing managers to ensure that they understand their role and impact in the attraction and retention of diversity.  That way you maximise the benefit of mixed teams and everyone thrives!  Training can be about Unconcious Bias, or diversity, or both, and we are happy to design training to meet your specific needs.

Soft Skills for Technical People

Technical teams can sometimes be so deeply focused on the technology and the solution, and can miss the need to interact, to communicate, and, dare we say it, to sell.   We don’t mean the hard sell, but we do recognise that techies can be very customer facing.  Technical teams on helpdesks, technical teams working daily in customers, and technical teams needing to interact well with users.  Our soft skills education prepares technical teams with the broader skills to give our clients peace of mind and to offer their teams a different perspective on technical engagement.